about us

For over two decades we have been providing internet services (hosting, design, domain registration, website and server management) for customers worldwide. Now we are bring this experience back home by offering high speed wireless internet to customer in Phillips, Lee, St. Francis and extreme southern Crittenden counties.

how it works

We provide internet access by connecting you to our private managed network which provides a greater level of security than tradition service providers. Our Fixed Wireless service, needs to have a "clear line-of-sight" to one of our towers or repeater station to get the best possible signal strength and speed. Obstructions such as buildings and trees can greatly diminish the signal. This means that your antenna must be able to see one of our antennas. We have professional installers that will install a small antenna and high frequency radio package on your residence to point to one of our towers. Our Basic installation will cover most circumstances to get you connected to our service. Our Basic installation fee is $150.00 which includes your first month off service. We require a 12 month service agreement but if you are not satisfied with our service you may cancel within the first 30 days without penalty.
Basic Installation includes: Installation of antenna and radio on your residence, we will install the equipment on up to a 5 foot mast mounted on the eve, gable or other suitable area of your residence. We can also install our equipment on the customers antenna mast or tower if they have one. We will run up to 50 feet of cable though and exterior wall and provide up to 20 feet of network cable to connect your computer or router. We will configure you computer or router to connect to our equipment and verify your service. *Download speeds listed are maximum rate, sustained download speeds will be less depending on network conditions and market area.